About Us

Working as political fundraisers, we learned quickly that there are certain ways of doing things; same with every other job in the world. Checks come in? You need to collect and record the data. RSVPs and pledges for an event? Same thing. Someone changed their cell number? Open the five Excel sheets we continue to use for some reason and make the changes. You get the idea.


What does this have to do with us?

As somewhat young people, we use computers and phones for almost everything. We still need to make copies and occasionally use some other archaic machine, but by and large, everything is done digitally. So naturally, when we needed to record a check number or keep track of a particular client/donor conversation, we thought there’d be some new, fun software system created by a college student in their dorm that we could use…


We were wrong.


We tried a few options that were out there. We quickly realized that there were some issues. They were too old, too difficult to use, had too many features we didn’t need; we even had a company make promises about what their platform could do, only to pay thousands of dollars and find out that it couldn’t. To top it off, we paid the biggest name in the business to customize their system to fit our needs as political fundraisers… It didn’t work that well either and was very expensive.


So what do you do after months of searching, hours on phones, and way too much money spent? Well, we decided to put our experience to good use and build our own.


That’s why we built DonorDesk. We wanted something that anyone could easily use, young and not so young. We wanted you to have everything you need and nothing you didn’t. And, very importantly, we wanted to be perfectly clear and upfront about pricing.


DonorDesk is political fundraising software. It’s concise, modern, and intuitive. We use it every day, and we hope you will too. So give it a try and let us know what you think! The fundraising process just got a whole lot easier.