UI redesign of DonorDesk

Matt Bell

Senior Editor & Partner

When we created DonorDesk, one of the most important things that we wanted to focus on was the way that users interacted with the platform. We spent years working in systems that felt like they had been designed twenty years ago, and hadn’t been updated since. 


Think about that. What does that say about how the company views its users? Would you buy a phone that hadn’t been updated in years? Of course not! So why shouldn’t you expect a software company to hold themselves to the same standard. 


Even though we introduced our platform to the world just a little over a year ago, we thought we could do better, that we owed that to our customers. 


We’re proud to announce that we’ve released a UI redesign of the entire system! Everything still works the way it should, but now it looks better while doing it. At our core, we believe in providing our customers with a modern, intuitive platform. That includes the way it looks. So we chose a design that’s similar to many of the social media platforms you’re used to looking at. This makes it easier to get familiar with. And with some bold pops of color and a fresh font palette, we simply took some of the work out of your work.


We’ll continue to make DonorDesk the best that we can. This redesign is just one in a long line of constant improvements that will continue to make us the best political fundraising CRM on the market!

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